Comedy Adventure


Barbie and Ken are living the dream in Barbieland when a ripple in their universe requires them to journey to the real world, throwing their existence into crisis.

With plenty of knowing winks to its audience, "Barbie" takes us on a ridiculously entertaining, satirical ride where Barbies reign supreme and Ken is a mere hunky afterthought. While the narrative isn't quite as flawless as our hero's plastic fantastic home, her journey into the real world allows the film to explore its deeper message. Besides, it's hard to be overly critical when having so much fun! On perfectly-arched feet, Barbie manages to be joyful yet thoughtful, irreverent yet earnest, and frothy yet feminist. A dazzling pink delight!

Courtney Slevison

Wide Release 20th July 2023
Universal Pictures 114 mins

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