Cocaine Bear

Comedy Thriller


A bunch of townsfolk and law enforcement must fight for their lives after a huge bear goes on a murderous rampage after inadvertently ingesting a tonne of cocaine.

What happens when an American black bear ingests nearly 34 kgs of lost cocaine? All hell breaks loose in this romp that's loosely inspired by true events. To say this film is no fun would be a bare-faced lie. The whacky characters and ridiculous plot make the film's 95-minute runtime fly by with serious entertainment value. However, the script and direction are a little uneven at times, with the movie's most chaotic moments never really matching the overall zaniness of the premise. The characters may be thinly developed, but there's still incentive enough to poke this bear.

Declan Florez

Wide Release 23rd March 2023
Universal Pictures 95 mins

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