God Forbid



When he was 20, Giancarlo Granda became involved in a cuckold relationship with the married couple Becki and Jerry Falwell Jr. The Falwell's were the President and First Lady of Liberty University, a private evangelical university in Lynchburg, Virginia.

"God Forbid" is a documentary that leaves no stone unturned. This story is constantly surprising as it touches on an array of hot-button topics including politics, sex, drugs, and religion. Stitched together with interview footage, live-action reenactments and a combination of personal videos and images scraped from social media, it's sometimes hard to watch as we see Giancarlo's life fall apart one piece at a time. This production pulls no punches as it delivers social commentary on the Falwell family, their links to American politics, and their collection of hypocrisies. Amen.

Jessica Avelsgaard

Online Release 1st November 2022
Disney+ 109 mins

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