Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Action Adventure


Harleen Quinzel must find her own way in the world after her and her paramour, The Joker, call it quits.

"Birds Of Prey" is full of fun, colour and glitter. The narrative is a little clumsy to start off with, but as it progresses it becomes quite the enjoyable romp. Our leading lady plays her part to perfection, and she's complemented by an amazingly over-the-top antagonist who's so serious in his delivery it's nearly comical. The fight sequences are a standout of this film; the combination of choreography, editing and effects making for unforgettable spectacles that make you wish there were more of them. Breakfast sandwiches are a girls best friend.

Jessica Avelsgaard

Wide Release 6th February 2020
Roadshow Films 109 mins

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