Of an Age

Drama Romance LGBTQIA+


In 1999's suburban Melbourne, Kol spends a few life-changing hours with Adam, his ballroom dance partner's brother, before Adam leaves to study in South America.

Casual conversation in the front seat of a car is as romantic as any balcony scene, and the banter here is friendly and gently amusing. The earth doesn't move, but the depth of attraction is unmistakable, and the awakening lust of our leads is achingly tender. That the lovers' encounter is sensitively depicted doesn't compromise its intensity, and the plot tells of a brief and precious romance. The time frame is tightly contained, only a few hours elapse. The director doesn't rush the action, leaving "Of an Age" to brim with cinematic magic. Dawning of the age.

Anne Murphy

Limited Release 23rd March 2023
Roadshow Films 100 mins

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