Spider-Man: No Way Home

Comic Action Adventure Sci-Fi


After a spell goes wrong, Peter Parker must fight dangerous foes from other worlds.

Both as the final film in the Spiderman trilogy and the ultimate celebration of the fandom so far, "Spiderman: No Way Home" delivers a punchy mix of fast-paced action and nostalgia. Whether or not this installment buckles under the weight of its own hype should be left up to the individual fan, but the culmination of events is nothing short of an epic time. Vigorously swinging between its grounded homecoming roots and the ever-expanding (and now multi-dimensional) shared universes, there's no way that devotees of the franchise won't be smiling - or crying - all the way home.

Stefan Sgarioto

Wide Release 16th December 2021
Sony Pictures 148 mins

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