The Inspection



In 2005, a gay black man wanting to win the respect of his homophobic mother joins the U.S. Marines.

"The Inspection" is a retelling of the writer/director's own life experiences. The narrative runs at a sufficient pace so as to hold viewer interest, and the script doesn't dally or over-sentimentalise any elements of army training. On the other hand, the plot also holds no surprises, and there are universal elements to the marine corps boot camp experience recognisable even to an outsider. The environment is brutal, the commanders are as ruthless as junkyard dogs, and each recruit is trying to accept himself. It's stereotypical but saved by the unsparing honesty of the plot. Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do.

Anne Murphy

Limited Release 4th May 2023
Roadshow Films 95 mins

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