The Light Between Oceans

Romance Drama


A young couple living in seclusion on an island raise a baby that washed ashore in a boat as their own, only to later find out her true parentage and be faced with the worst moral dilemma of their lives.

"The Light Between Oceans" is a stunning visual spectacular that also happens to be incredibly boring. This languorous and self-indulgent period romance suffers from a severe lack of plot movement, with the only saving grace being the superb performances by all involved. While it features moral dilemmas that produce some heartbreaking scenes, it's hard to be completely engrossed in the story when it potters along so listlessly. A bloated run time adds insult to injury and leaves this as nothing more than a shipwreck. Lights out.

Jessica Avelsgaard

Limited Release 3rd November 2016
Entertainment One Films 133 mins

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