The Three Musketeers – Part 1: D'Artagnan

History Adventure Action


An origin story about the adventure that led to the French King's three Musketeers becoming four, all of them chivalrous swordsmen who defended justice.

It's apparent the source material is taken from a historical adventure novel, a well-constructed story with a gripping plot told for over a century and a half yet comes up on the screen looking fresh and exciting. Our swaggering musketeers deliver heroic sword fights in settings diligently lifted from the period. The costumes and set details are scrupulously recreated - even the horses gallop valorously while delivering doughty snorts. There's something for all, fierce political and religious intrigue tempered with a dash of romance. All for one.

Anne Murphy

Limited Release 16th May 2024
Palace Entertainment 121 mins

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