Biography Crime Drama


In 1955, after her son Emmett Till was brutally murdered, Mamie Till vows to seek justice and expose the deep racism behind her son's murder.

The true story of Mamie Till-Bradley is brought to life with poise and integrity in this brutally devastating biopic. The death of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old son of Mamie, is as relevant as ever and told with a delicate urgency. As a mother seeking justice against the racial backdrop of Mississippi, there's a palpable authenticity to the performances that leave little room for the audience not to be moved. The beauty of this heart-wrenching film is a reminder that these horrific events are not so far removed from the past. There's a strong beacon of hope that will reward viewers witnessing this masterful film. A mother's justice.

Declan Florez

Limited Release 9th March 2023
Universal Pictures 131 mins

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